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Hey, Ronni here!

I'm a freelance illustrator with a degree in graphic design from UNIP - Sp/Brazil. I worked in the graphics and advertising market as a motion designer and art director at an agency for around eight years. Always seeking to bring illustration and animation references into my work and, with a double shift, I started as a freelancer at night for almost four years. At the beginning of 2023, I transitioned my career, dedicating myself 100% of my time as a freelance illustrator.

My work is inspired by portraying one's own inner self, whether spiritual or emotional, and in addition to using elements of nature such as fauna and flora to compose my work, I also like to use the contrast between textures, colors and graphic symbols to my advantage. .

I also have acopyright project illustration for prints, where I portray symbols of Afro-Brazilian religions, portraying my experiences as a member of a local community.

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